Feathered Sculpture - Virgil A. Walker

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Sun Dog

Pheasant, chicken, peacock   62" x 54" x 10"

I love having experienced the extremes of Arizona weather: radiant crystal nights at 20 below in crusted snow, shimmering desert heat painful to breathe, sheets of illuminated raindrops running in a multicolored curtain a mile long, sunsets under thunderstorms, all the subtle changes and shifts of light in atmosphere.

The Sun Dog is weather phenomenon that occurs in northern latitudes when the sun is low and clouds bearing ice crystals are passing over the viewer. A Sun Dog or a vague illusion of a sun appears on the horizon at 22 degrees either side of the sun. Sometimes a light can be seen in a huge arc connecting the two, and if the sun is high enough, it makes a ring around the sun completely.       

After years of working with various models of describing our psychological processes, Iíve been appreciating the weather as a model for examining internal events and their sequences. The Sun Dog as a function of perception marks the edges of a cone with its apex at the source of insight.

   Photo:  Mark Miskill

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