Feathered Sculpture - Virgil A. Walker

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Dream Lover

Turkey, pheasant, chicken, duck   36" x 20" x 10"

Not long after finishing this piece I found myself in my doctor’s waiting room using the time to work on its name. How I ended up with a specialist in addiction and death as my family GP is another story, but he’s a good doctor, and his waiting room is an interesting mix of spiked hair and walkers, studded belts and granny glasses on chains.  It occurred to me that by simply waiting, we were sharing in a present moment, and that waiting is one of life’s major themes. Normally the experience of life is an ongoing collision of bumper cars receiving far too many volts from the grid, and waiting becomes insufferable; so we charge ahead, looking for what promises to satisfy our hungers.

There is an old Asian parable about a man who had lost the key to his treasure somewhere in his home. When asked why he was looking for it outside the house, he said the light was better.

Our own inner topography can be dark, confusing and obscure, but it also holds the key to personal treasure. I remember when I was a cop, entering a dark burglarized warehouse at three in the morning. I crouched behind some crates and waited. It took several moments before my eyes adjusted to the dark and patterns began to appear.  My hearing detected the small rhythmic sound of a fan, of rats. I could smell cardboard and glue, oil and other things I couldn’t put a name to. A search confirmed what I already knew through my senses, that the building was empty. I recall that growth of awareness in those few moments of waiting in the dark: a taste of growth, with its fear and expansion, like awakening to a dream lover.


   Photo:  Mark Miskill

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