Feathered Sculpture - Virgil A. Walker

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Chin Hua

Pheasant, ostrich, chicken  51" x 44" x 10"

Richard Wilhelm, in the preface to his translation of the ancient Taoist text, The Secret of the Golden Flower, points out the common failure of individuals and nations “to manage the vices of their virtues. Mastery of the inner world, with a relative contempt for the outer, must inevitably lead to great catastrophes. Mastery of the outer world, to the exclusion of the inner, delivers us over to the demonic forces of the latter and keeps us barbaric despite all outward forms of culture.”

Chin Hua, Golden Flower, when written in Chinese fashion, one character over the other, creates in the middle, the character for light. The secret of the Golden Flower is essentially a Logos meditation on the circulation of our natural illuminating wisdom through our inner and outer lives.

   Photo:  Richard K. Webb

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