Feathered Sculpture - Virgil A. Walker

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Pheasant feathers, chicken feathers and porcupine quill individually glued.  52” x 72” x 9”

Years ago a close friend with a metaphysical bend and a spicy sense of humor, commented on my Sagittarian nature as “half-god, half-horse’s ass.” He pointed out the Archer archetype was fitting given my barbed tongue and the difficulty it’s brought. I don’t know exactly which words set them off, but I’ve been punched or slapped by teachers, coaches, principals, my scoutmaster, even my own dear mother for things said. With a critical eye for phoniness and hypocrisy honed through a rebellious adolescence, it took honest friends, marriage and parenthood to recognize the need for an equally critical self-examination.

The ‘out-going’ of mind, whether critical or loving, offers the possibility of ‘in-sight’ along the same lines, and it is this simultaneous presentation that holds the potential to explode our moments in time.

Pheasant feathers, chicken feathers and porcupine quill individually glued

to a single polymer-plaster cast of an original clay sculpture.

Finished size 52” x 72” x 9”



   Photo:  Richard K. Webb

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