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Pheasant, chicken, turkey quills

I saw a print called Whirlpool by the Tsimshian shaman artist Robert Seabatian, from the Pacific Northwest coast, in which he depicts a wind/water event that frequently occurs in the mouth of the bay leading to his home. He described the importance, the magic of such events in healing and creativity.

Amala, in the Tsimshian creation myths, is the one who supports the pole on which the earth spins.    

Listening to an astronaut interviewed recently, I was struck with the interesting implications of his report that during his couple of months in space he lost 14% of his bone mass. I started wondering how many generations it would take to look like a squid, but eventually, returning to Earth, I started seeing bone in a new way. First as a living force, whatever that means, coming into existence along an axis in reaction to gravity, but then suspecting that gravity is a ‘living force’ as well. Of course this line of thought generates a multitude of questions and one of those questions would focus on the role of intention and thought in creation.

   Photo:  Mark Miskill

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